Multiple missing or damaged teeth impact more than just your eating habits; they also change how you look and speak. Dental treatment is necessary for you to live your daily life because having dental defects can be challenging to manage. All-on-X offers more advantages than conventional orthodontic devices like dental implants and crowns, which can help treat oral health issues.

What is All-on-X?

Dental implants called All-on-X uses a minimum of four implant posts per arch to replace every tooth in your mouth. They are an excellent option for patients seeking complete mouth restoration after losing most or all of their teeth. Traditional dentures can be replaced with All-on-X, a more robust and durable choice.

a sample of detures and dental implants.

How All-On-X May Affect the Health of Your Teeth

Better Jaw Performance

You'll have better jaw function when you eat thanks to All-on-X dental implants because all your missing teeth will be replaced with false ones. Following your procedure, you'll regain the strength in your jaw so you can carry on eating and chewing your favorite foods.

It Gives You a Natural Look

You won't have to be concerned about the false teeth's color with All on Four because they will have a natural tone and color. Your natural and implanted teeth won't be distinguishable from one another.

Maintains the Face and Jaw Structure

Multiple missing teeth make a face sag and impact your facial structure. Having an All-on-X procedure will give your face and jaw artificial teeth to hold onto, helping to restore the shape of your face and jaw.

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