Digital Implant Planning

Digital implant planning can provide the necessary solution for your damaged teeth. We can achieve a powerful and unique method of planning your guided implant treatments from restoration to surgical guide manufacturing. This is done by integrating a prosthetic-driven digital workflow and following simple steps.

Regularity and Predictability

With the help of modern technology, complex implant procedures are now possible with careful planning. Your implant workflow can be simplified by digital technology based on prosthetic-driven implant planning and provides consistent clinical insight and predictability. Thanks to digital implant planning, patients are provided with a complete or temporary prosthetic solution on the day of surgery.

Workflow of Digital Implant Planning

With digital implant planning, you can work more efficiently and provide your patients with greater comfort from implant planning through surgical guide and prosthetics design. Here’s the flow of how digital implants are prepared.


In implant planning, the first step is combing any surface and CBCT scan file to gain comprehensive clinical insight. A precision scanner is recommended for its consistency and accuracy.


The workflow is simpler than ever, thanks to automation and AI-powered crown printers. The planning phase considers various clinical situations, including prosthetics, gingiva, bone density, and nerve positions.


By using robust editing programs, implant planning has become significantly faster. Additionally, surgical guides can be customized entirely in a single effective workflow.


Whatever your preference, you can quickly manufacture temporary screw-retained crowns or cost-effective surgical guides within a day.


Patients can choose same-day implant dentistry or on a schedule when the clinical situation permits. Before surgery, the entire treatment plan, including the surgical procedure and temporary prosthetic components, is already completed and ready to install.

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Same Day Dentistry

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